Contract to Replace BTHS Bleachers Awarded

Project will be one of many taking place this summer

The Board of Education awarded a bid to a Roselle Park company at its meeting Tuesday night to replace the bleachers at Brick Township High School.

At an otherwise quiet board meeting, the $625,200 bid award to Landsite Construction Company will ensure that the long-wished-for project will come to fruition this summer.

The bleachers are in bad shape, school officials have said, and portions are off limits to spectators due to safety concerns. At large events, such as rivalry football games and graduation ceremonies, extra bleachers are sometimes brought in to accommodate extra people.

School board members had hoped the project could be completed before this year's graduation ceremony, but some delays were experienced in ensuring the new bleachers would be compliant with the American With Disabilities Act, Campbell said. There was also the risk that the project wouldn't be completed by graduation time, meaning Old Brick's graduates would be forced to head to Mustang turf for their ceremony.

The board had set aside $860,000 for the bleacher project.

"It will be a busy summer around here," said board member Walter Campbell, who has been spearheading numerous facilities projects.

The board also approved setting aside funding for the replacement of the vestibules at Midstreams Elementary School and Emma Havens Young Elementary School at a cost of $217,873 for both.

The board also voted to put $225,000 toward improvements to the offices at the Transportation Department.

Daniel Nee April 21, 2012 at 09:51 PM
I do not have a "soft spot" for any of the people you attacked, as I've never so much as heard of any of them before. Frankly, as I did not attend school in the Brick district, I know very few of the teachers. The argument on this is over. No personal attacks will be allowed. Period.
Anthony April 21, 2012 at 10:01 PM
I didn't attack anyone. If someone has green hair, and you say that they have green hair, it's a fact, not an attack. If that's how it's going to be, I'll be sure to point out every personal attack I see on this site. There's going to be an awfully lot of "This comment has been deleted" on township articles.
Ashamed April 22, 2012 at 04:43 PM
The tenure issue, let's be honest here, this is the last vengeful act by a political charged BOE "to pay back" a man who had the gall to apply and, unfortunately for him and his family, be hired as a football coach which only "Brick Boys" need apply to. What does this bitter ugly action prove? and what are they thinking? For everyone's sake, let this ugly low point in Brick's history go away. This action will likely lead to continued bad political press for Brick, for a program and kids who have struggled enough for many years. Heck this action might even open some legal doors as well..??? This didn't need to happen, shame on those small thinkers who thought this was a good idea to open this wound again.
Brick Mom April 24, 2012 at 01:27 PM
The bleachers definitely need to be replaced as they are used far more than 5 times a year, however I do agree that so many things inside the school need updating. The smell of sewage in the locker rooms, books for the children, and the many leaks throughout the school to name a few. Why have my property taxes more than tripled if we are not going to use the money for things that REALLY matter?
10% Tax Cut NOW April 25, 2012 at 12:43 PM
I agree the bleachers need replacement due to safety issues. When removing the existing bleachers consideration should be made for a storage area under the bleachers, for goals, sleds, lawnmowers,etc... This may clear an area in the School since there is lack of space for storage at this time. It is time this BOE start thinking out the box for major improvements at Brick High as well as all of our schools. Each year goes buy and no money in being spent on building upkeep,repair or improvements. One last note when will the BOE consider cleaning the Brick High School Landfill that is located in the court area - it's time the Township send over a few Code Enforcement Inspectors and write up some notice's. If this was a local resident and/or business there would be no questions asked.


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