BOE Candidate Profile: Sherry Roses

Lifelong Howell Resident and board incumbent one of six candidates running for three seats.

As the Board of Education Elections approach, Howell Patch will be running profiles on each of the six candidates running for the three available seats. 

  • Candidate Name: Sherry Roses (incumbent)
  • Address: 9 Moss Haven Way
  • Occupation: Technology teacher at Howell High School and adjunct professor at The College of New Jersey.

Along with Gene Tanala, Roses is one of two incumbents running for three seats on the Howell Township Public Schools Board of Education in the April 27 elections. 

As a lifelong Howell Resident, Roses has said that she wants to continue giving back the community that he grew up in and has continued to live in and work in. "I would like to continue to provide the excellent education opportunities, safe environment and best practices in technology that our students have come to know," she said. 

Roses said that in addition to working as a full time teacher in the Freehold Regional High School District, and teaching at the college level in Ewing, being a member of the board is something that she considers to be very important. "I want to see these opportunities continue and grow for our students and families while being fiscally responsible with our budget."

In the last few years the district has received a considerable amount of attention for its work in the technology field, and Roses said she would like to see that continue in the future. "I am extremely proud of the academic achievement and technology literacy of the students of Howell and hope that it will continue to rise," she said. 

One of the highlights for Roses during her time working with the district was the passage of an eight million dollar referendum during the 1997-98 school years. That cooperative effort between various parts of the community, gave the schools a boost in that department. "Since then I have seen our students become more and more creative by integrating technology throughout the curriculum," she noted.

Roses pointed to the fact that especially at the middle school level, the district has been given a five star rating by the New Jersey Technology Educators Association. She said only four schools in the state have been given that honor and three of them are the schools in the district. 

And while she has seen a considerable amount of improvement in the district as a student, teacher, parent and community member, Roses said there is still more work to be done. "I would love to see the gap in achievement between our general education students and special education students tighten. Our special education standardized test scores are always above our district factor group and state averages. Nonetheless, I would love to see all students become more successful."

There are also other areas that Roses said she would like to see changed in the future. Pointing to a decrease in enrollment making for more space in the district, Roses said some of her goals could be attainable. With revenue coming from leased space in the old Southard School building, tuition students coming into the district and increased shared services, Roses said she would like to see the district offer full day kindergarten.

Editor's note: Like many news outlets, Patch is not enabling commenting on election-related stories as voting day approaches to avoid anonymous last-minute attacks.


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