District Honored for Language Programs

Second time recognized by state

The were recently recognized for their work with students in their English as a Second Language (ESL) program. This is the second time the district was honored since the programs were first recognized in 2004. 

The districts honored were decided based on criteria from the New Jersey Supervisors of World Languages and the Statewide Advisory Committee for Bilingual and ESL education along with the Department of Education.

A press release from the state said the programs were selected "based on their demonstrated success in developing students' second language skills and their implementation of effective programs and instructional practices that led to student achievement in a second language."

Some of the criteria included "teacher instructional skills, use of standards-based curricula, and support for the program by the school leadership and the community."

Howell Superintendent Enid Golden said the district has worked hard to have successful programs at the elementary and middle school levels under supervisor Jacqueline Moore. 

The elementary students in the district's ESL program are centered at , while is the base for the older students. Golden said that is done, "so that we could focus our programs, train our regular education teachers and maximize services."

Due to the recognition other districts will now be able to come to Howell to learn about their efforts. That is a distinction Golden said the schools can be proud of. "It means that we will continue to receive visits from other school districts that want to replicate the model we have developed," she said. 

Acting Commissioner of Education Christopher Cerf said ESL plays a prominent role in education today. "Helping English Language Learners master English proficiency skills and helping all our students learn second languages is crucial to ensuring all our students are ready for the demands of the 21st century," he said. 


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