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Greenville Students Show 'Heart' For Sandy Victims

Students raise $1000 in one week

When Hurricane Sandy struck Monmouth and Ocean Counties groups from all over did their part to help people in their time of need. For students at the Greenville School, that meant holding a fundraiser to help people living near the shore. 

In just a week the students raised $1,073 with nearly half of that coming in the last day as part of their "Hearts for Hurricane Sandy" drive. Kurt Abel, the school's student council advisor said the students got a "great response," from the students. Some gave $1 while others gave upwards of $25 but Abel said every little bit helped and was appreciated. 

The student council includes fourth and fifth graders and Abel said he thought it was important for them to be involved in a project like this. "I think it's a great time in their life to kind of experience what it's like to give back to the community and become involved," he said. "This is a small step and a small way of approaching it but it was a great way to gather the entire school together and the student body and the staff has been incredibly supportive."

Greenville Principal Lynn Coco said she was proud to see her students work hard to help people affected by the storm. This is just the second year the school has had a student council in recent years and Coco said they have accomplished a lot in that time. "They're trying to get in as many community activities that the students could be a part of that would make a huge difference," she said. 

Through those lessons she said, "That would show the students that being a volunteer and thinking about others not only within our school but outside the community, how important it is."

Coco said since coming to the school she has seen how important community involvement is to not only the students and staff but the parents as well. The PTO has done a food drive and a hunger drive this year among other activities they have taken part in.

"It's wonderful to have that check go to this organization in recognition of the hard work the students had done and discussing why it was important," she said of their most recent effort. "Whether it's our PTO or it's our students or teachers, if they have an idea, they really go full force with it here."


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