Griebling Students End Year Helping Furry Friends

Students helped collect money for four-legged friends

Students at and across the Howell Public Schools started their summer vacation a day early but it did not stop them from ending their year by helping others in need. 

As the year was winding down the students held a Penny War to help raise money for the Monmouth County SPCA. By the time the fighting was over the students had banded together to raise $1056.88 to help the organization which is based at Freehold Raceway Mall. 

Marie Lapetins said the school split into two camps, the cats and the dogs. The feline group represented students in Kindergarten, third and fourth grade while the K-9s were the first, second and fifth graders. The students would then bring in change and put it into collection boxes in their classrooms. 

Lapetins said pennies counted as positive points in the war while other coins were negative points. She said students would use that to their advantage to help their team. "The fun began when students with change would go to the opposing team classrooms and put change in the boxes," she said. All the coins were then put into larger containers before the dogs were declared the winner at the end of the weeklong activity.

Wrapping up what had been a very busy year at the school Lapetins said it was a good way to wrap up the session for the students. "Our students were extremely proud of being able to help the animals," she said. 

The project, she added, was successful thanks to the support of principal Nancy Rupp and Vice Principal Danielle Vietoris. 


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