Howell Teacher Gets National Recognition

Longtime educator honored

For 30 years Stanley Koba has been teaching students in the Freehold Regional . After 30 years at Freehold Borough he came to Howell High School where he now teaches and is in charge of the Scholar Center for Humanities. 

Koba was recently recognized by Barnes & Noble as their National "Teacher of the Year" as part of their "My Favorite Teacher Contest." He was chosen based on an essay written by former student Abigail Thompson from a pool of 14 thousand entries.

The teacher called the submission by Thompson "an absolutely wonderful essay." In the essay the current junior described what makes Koba so special. "His upbeatoutlook and innate excitement are contagious. He exudes a passion for music and history, appreciation for his students, and adoration for his job. Not only do we respect him, but he respects us us as young adults."

He said the recognition is appreciated but not the reason he has been in education all these years. "I'm extremely flattered by this," he said. "There are plenty of other teachers that deserve this award as much as I do."

Working with students like Thompson is why he has been in the profession for as long as he has and why he said he has no intention to retire. "I'm glad I had the privilege of being a teacher and working with students like Abigail and all the others that I come in contact with at Howell High School," he said. 

Sara DiFrancesco, the retailer's Director of Business Development credited Thompson's essay for giving Koba the edge. "This award celebrates teachers' dedication to their students and their ability to inspire," she said. "We're pleased to present this award to Stanley Koba who truly embodies these qualities as beautifully described in the essay we received from Abigail Thompson."

As part of the prize Koba received $5000 and will be honored at the local Barnes & Noble among other rewards. Howell High School will also receive $5000.

Sandra Kaplan Satten May 06, 2012 at 01:15 AM
Mr. Koba used to teach a phenomenal Archeaology class at Freehold Highschool (The BORO!). Unfortunately, budget cuts and stringent core content standards have left little room for truly CREATIVE endeavors in the classroom these days. The "BIG DIG" was an incredible learning experience for all who were lucky enough to get into the class. Classes were divided in two teams where each developed a civilization (including a Rosetta Stone) and the history/culture behind their creative civilizations. We studied various civilizations, then created our own complete with artifacts...and then each team buried the objects at various layers (oldest artifacts first) to simulate the unearthing of an entire civilization in a few feet of dirt. After the dig, the teams challenged each other by translating the Rosetta Stones and using the artifacts to piece back together the mysteries of each civilization. WOW! But there's more...there was also a visit to a museum where we researched the various ways we could display our culture...and FINALLY, we displayed our items in a museum like atmosphere created at school...where, I believe friends and family were invited to visit! It was learning at its best...through experience...real EXPERIENCE! And it was Mr. Koba who lovingly and painstakingly gave that experience to thousands of grateful students who were given the gift of archealogical knowledge! THANK YOU, STAN!


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