HS District Cuts 3 Teaching Positions

The board unanimously voted to eliminate three full-time teaching positions.

The abolished two English teaching positions and one World Language teaching position last week. The eliminations, also known as a reduction in force, were due to an overall downsizing of the English Department, according to Communications and District Projects Coordinator Nakell Williams.

According to the state law listed in the district’s resolution, “a Board of Education may reduce the number of teaching staff members employed in the district whenever, in the judgment of the board, it is advisable to abolish any such positions for reasons of economy or because of reduction in the number of pupils or of change in the administrative or supervisory organization of the district or for other good cause.”

The three teachers were recommended for abolishment due to “economy and staffing needs in light of student enrollment and scheduling”, the resolution stated.

Because the teaching eliminations are a personnel matter the district is unable to release the names of the teachers who have lost their positions, Williams said. However, students, parents, and some staff came out in defense of English teacher Jesse Grabowski, who allegedly was one of the teachers whose position was being abolished, at the last Board of Education meeting.

For over an hour, people pleaded with the Board not to eliminate Grabowski’s position during  public comment; Grabowski’s defendants characterized him as “inspiring”, a “mentor”, a “father-like figure”, and an “excellent teacher”.

Grabowski also ran the Drama Club at Manalapan High School and has been a full-time faculty member for almost three years.

Superintendent Charles Sampson said that the three positions being cut were all non-tenured positions so the eliminations were selected based on seniority.

The Board unanimously voted to pass the resolution abolishing the three full-time teaching positions.

According to Williams, the teachers whose positions were terminated are not considered “fired” or non-renewed and they can apply for other positions within the Freehold Regional High School District.

milton McC May 07, 2012 at 10:14 AM
I always thought that personnel issues were supposed to be private. Don'tcha just love how Simon, the old cheer leading coach, the football coach, and the English teacher leak all this information to the kids and parents hoping that they will whine and whine and whine and then whine somemore and try to influence the outcome? The parents and the kids become unwitting pawns in something they have no knowledge or information about other than from the whiners. I wonder f this falls under child abuse. Giggle
John Connor May 07, 2012 at 04:41 PM
They were only replaced as the everyday attorney. How did you miss that Jim?
Jim Sage May 07, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Board members have stated they need to be replaced. Obviously they speak a good game, but their actions indicate otherwise. Their past record certainly warrants a change--don't you agree?
John J May 17, 2012 at 08:19 PM
you get tenure AFTER 3 years...so he goes, they keep the teacher with one year, until he reaches 3, then he goes...allows the "experienced" teachers to stay (oh, wait, forgot...they cant get rid of them after 3). wanna see something really scary? go to the budget and read the salaries these poor underpaid teachers make...along with the almost free health care. as for this teacher being younger and motivated, i am sure he is...teacher burnout only comes after acheiving tenure. and it IS prevelant.
marlene shapiro May 24, 2012 at 03:48 AM
I fully agree with Jim! The FRHSD board is filled with individuals thatl have family members in the district..NEPOTISM is rampant in this poorly run district. All those involved in the WASSER / Evangelista fiasco should have been booted out of the district. No one seems to care!


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