HSPA Scores Put District at Top of State

The district reported that the 2011 HSPA scores show FRHSD is above the state average.

State testing scores for the HSPA standardized test, taken in March, show Freehold above the average proficiency rate for both the state and its district group.

The test is given to eleventh grade students in the state, as well as new twelfth grade students and students who failed the test the previous year.

Jennifer Schwartz, coordinator for district testing, reported that the district came in above the state benchmarks, which are proficiency goals the state has set to reach by 2013.

The district came in above the 200 mark of proficiency in both math and language arts testing.

NJ Average District Factor Group Freehold Regional Math Proficiency 75.2% 84.2% 89.2% Language Arts Proficiency 89.6% 94.4% 97%

If a student falls below the line of proficiency, the district offers academic support and extra help. A student can take the HSPA up to three times, or begin an Education Proficiency Plan which allows the district to report individual progress in testable areas to the state.

Schwartz also reported that last year's testing but the district in a "District In Need of Improving" category, due to poor testing results in and . That designation came from the 2009-2010 testing season, after students had exhausted all opportunities to re-take the test, and reflect results from students that are now no longer in the district.

In Colts Neck, Schwartz said the "economically challenged" students were not proficient, and in Marlboro the special education subgroup missed proficiency. Each student was enrolled in specific education plans, including extra help through web-based tutorials.

Schwartz reported that next year, the state will adopt a new benchmark system which will allow more flexibility and ore achievable goals. As it is now, the state has set a benchmark to have 100 percent proficiency by 2013 in all areas. The state will also stop designating districts as "in need of improvement" and adopt a localize, individual approach for schools.

janinecarter December 14, 2011 at 11:14 AM
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dawnanne December 15, 2011 at 03:09 AM
CNHS has the ESL program for the district. I would imagine that is the population referred to in the article.


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