Newbury School to Host Special Event Wednesday

Part of a series of parent classes

As part of its community outreach efforts the Howell Township Department of Pupil Services will be presenting a series of classes designed for parents throughout the year. 

The series is designed for parents of children with autism, PDD-NOS, and similar disabilities. On Wednesday morning at 9:30 a class entitled The Function of Behaviors will be held at Newbury School. An announcement from the school said the focuses of the class will be:

  • All behavior is learned.
  • How to recognize the function of behavior.
  • Treating the behavior by its function.
  • Replace inappropriate behavior with an appropriate behavior.

Jim Quinn, the principal at Newbury School, said one of the people who leads the class is Maureen Rubin a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She is also a teacher coach for Autism and Preschool Disabled programs at the school and others across the district. 


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