Snow Forces Calendar Change For Howell Schools

Howell Public Schools will be open on February 17.

With the cancellation of school on Wednesday due to the snow Howell Public Schools Superintendent Enid Golden announced that the distict’s calendar for the remainder of the year will have to be amended.

In a letter sent home to parents Golden schools will now be open on Monday February 17 in order for the local schools to “satisfy the state mandated minimum number of instructional days.” Golden said any further snow days will result in days being added to the calendar in June.

Those days will be June 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 30 as needed.

Golden said should the need to cancel more than seven additional snow days they will be made up through the Spring Recess. “I realize that families may have made travel plans for the aforementioned days during spring break and in late June,” She said in the letter. “However, please note that if a child is not in school during those make-up days, we are required to mark the child absent.”


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