SLIDESHOW: Special Guests Help Griebling Celebrate 50 Years

Rebel Yell Sings holiday favorites while students and staff celebrate anniversary

It was 50 years ago that the doors of the opened its doors to serve the students of Howell. On Friday morning, the current students as well as a few new ones helped the school celebrate a half a century in the community. 

Principal Nancy Rupp said it was a special day for everyone involved, made even more special by a special musical guest. Part of the celebration included a performance by Rebel Yell, an a cappella group from Howell High School. The group, which includes several former Griebling students, performed not only holiday songs, but also songs that stretched back as far as the school has been open. 

Rupp said after eight years at the school, she was happy to help them celebrate this special occasion. "It's 50 years of excellence in education," she said. "To join together as a whole group to celebrate the birthday of the school was a wonderful thing for all of us."

Putting together such a memorable event took a lot of work by many people including the students, staff and the community as a whole. A committee run by Jess DiLeonardo has been working on ways to celebrate the anniversary since school opened in September. 

The celebration of the school's birthday was much more than the talented singers making an appearance as part of their holiday tour. The Griebling students also put together a time capsule that will show future students what the school was like when it is opened 50 years from now. That includes memory books, a Griebling shirt and other items that will stay tucked away until the next group of students opens the box. 

Walking through the halls of the school, there were also many examples of how important the day was to the people in the building. There were posters made by each class celebrating the anniversary in a variety of special ways. 

As they headed into their winter break, Rupp said Friday's event was a good way to end the month. "It was a nice fun celebration of a special event," she said. 


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