Howell Members Among Fire Academy Grads

Graduation held last week at Howell facility

Fire Departments from across the area got new members last week as the Monmouth County Fire Academy held its latest graduation with 75 members advancing with their class.

Several of the graduates now become full members of fire departments across Howell. In order to graduate the students attended over 30 sessions and worked 188 hours learning skills including fire extinguishment, hazardous materials response, CPR and care of hoses, ladders and other equipment. 

Monmouth County Freeholder Director John P. Curley credited the graduates for their accomplishment. "Modern-day firefighting is much different. Not only is your equipment updated, but you are required to do so much more," he said. "You don't just fight fires. You will be required to respond to all sorts of emergencies like first aid calls, traffic accidents, hazardous materials spills and, yes, even terrorist acts."

Curley said with the training they received he was confident they would be able to respond to any situation they are called to in the future. "What enhances fire safety is trained firefighters," he said. "And you received the best training available from the instructors at this academy."

Monmouth County Fire Marshal Henry Stryker III also addressed the graduates. "Over the years I have learned that it takes a special type of person to be a firefighter," he said. "They have a passion to do this job. The graduates sitting before us have that passion because they have completed the rigorous training as their first step. Please be safe."

Chief Training Officer said the newest members of the departments will be an asset in their service. "These firefighter graduates are to be commended for their dedication and willingness to serve," he said. "Go out and join the ranks of the firefighting community. Be safe, and have good careers."

The local graduates include:

  • Kenneth Miller- Ramtown Fire Company
  • Corey Anderson- Adelphia Fire Company
  • Eric Helies- Adelphia Fire Company
  • Salvatore Scarlato- Ramtown Fire Company
  • Robert Tolomei- Ramtown Fire Company
  • Thomas Ward- Adelphia Fire Company


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