Local Business Looks to Help Others Through Exercise

Action Room to hold Zumba classes

Even as the weather gets colder here in Howell, One business is offering a chance to burn off some weight from the holiday season while helping a good cause at the same time. 

, located on Route 9 is using its January slate of Zumba classes to help some of the four-legged friends in the town. "People want to start the new year off looking and feeling great," said Patti Gergley, the manager of the facility. Gergly said the fact that the people who take the classes are not only helping themselves but also helping others makes it that much better. 

As part of this effort, Zumba classes throughout the month of January will be offered for free. Those people interested in taking classes are asked to bring donations that can go to the Rescue Ridge Animal Rescue. Those donations can be cash, but can also be pet items that can go to the local organization. "The work that Rescue Ridge does in the area to help foster and rescue unwanted animals is wonderful and you're helping animals right in your own back yard as they wait to find forever homes," Gergly said. 

Rescue Ridge, according to Gergly is a "last chance" shelter run by volunteers and helped by donations from people in the community. Their website describes their mission as helping to "find homes for animals that other shelters and people have given up on." Over the past few years Rescue Ridge has not only helped to save dogs and cats, but also horses and "any other animal that we were able to help with our limited resources."

Action Room owner Piper Williams said he has seen first hand the work that Rescue Ridge does to help animals in need. "Not only does it change the lives of the animals in our communities, but also the volunteers that donate their time," Williams said. "Of course the families that open their homes and extend their love to some of the wonderful animals Rescue Ridge has forever altered as well. Love does that. I'm happy to do whatever I can to assist the great volunteers of Rescue Ridge."

The Action Room is also taking donations from people who do not wish to take the Zumba classes. They can be brought to the studio located at 4411 Route 9 North. For more information on donating or to get the class schedule call 732-551-4344 or visit their website

You can also find out more about Rescue Ridge on their website and on their Facebook page as well. 


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