Scouts Lend a Hand to Little Pals

artwork and books to help new program at old Southard school

The Little PALs room at the building got a little brighter recently thanks to the help of a local girl scout troop. 

Held at what was once the Southard School the PAL only recently launched the program which Junior Troops 1573 has been working to spruce up. In an effort to earn their journey badge the girls made several pieces of art that will hang on the wall to welcome the young students. 

Thanks to donations the girls were able to make 24 paintings of a variety of items from kites to animals which made the room more inviting for everyone involved. They also made items like paper kites and other animals.

Not only did the scouts contribute the artwork but with the help of Troop 1574 they were able to donate 130 books to the program in honor of the 100th birthday of the Girl Scouts. 

Troop 1573 leader Christine Blackford said it was a memorable experience for everyone involved as they worked for a common goal. "This badge raised the individual girls' awareness about strong women who made a difference in our world and how they can use their own individual skills and talents to make a difference," she said. 

The added benefit, she said, is that the work will be appreciated for years to come saying they learned "how they can use their own individual skills and talents to make a difference and how working as a team what they can achieve to make a difference with their community overall."

With the help of Cpl. Harold Foley, Blackford said the project was a success all around as they were able to "bring smiles to all the little PALs."


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