The Right Choice for Howell's Future

Howell residents have clear choice for Mayor and Council this November, and that choice is Bill Gotto and Ed Guz.

Dear Howell Residents:

With election season reaching a conclusion in the next few weeks, it is obvious that it has become a tale of two candidates.  While I have spent the past three years working tirelessly to solve problems in Howell, my opposition, William Field has been making his way around town pointing out everything he believes is wrong with our community and then blames everyone on the Township Council for the problems.

On the topic of traffic, he admitted that he rarely drives south of Aldrich Road on Route 9, but said we should “nuke” our neighbors in Jackson so they don’t clog up our roads.  His solution was to build a multi-million dollar exit ramp on Interstate 195 to keep people out.  I personally like our neighbors from Jackson, and especially the money they spend shopping in Howell.

Field’s next move was to tell everyone we need more businesses in Howell, an idea he heard during my presentation to the Chamber of Commerce.  Of course he offered no plans to support business development and when asked, did not know whether adding sewers or water in our commercial corridors was a good thing.  Meanwhile, the current Council has been expanding permitted uses and revising zoning in all of our economic corridors, creating the office of community development to ease the permit and application process for businesses, and partnered with business organizations to promote the possibilities that Howell has to offer.

And recently Mr. Field noted that his neighborhood has vacant homes that should be rehabilitated instead of encouraging more development.  Once again, his lack of involvement is obvious.  He is not aware that we have initiated a campaign to rehabilitate existing homes as part of our affordable housing obligations, and was not in the audience when we passed a residential property maintenance code which now addresses the deteriorated conditions of which he speaks.

All of Mr. Field’s comments have come when it is opportunistic for him to attempt to gain votes.  He had not attended any meetings or been involved in any public discussions since 2006 when he says he was a candidate for Council (the truth is that he was only a candidate for a charter study to change our form of government).  Until the past three months, Mr. Field has not been bothered to put his opinion on the record when it was most needed.  He is quick to point out the problems, but offers no solutions or plans.  As a professor of government and a Howell resident for 18 years, I expected more from him as a candidate.

My candidacy has mirrored my experience as an elected official.  I will continue to provide permanent solutions to tough issues, spend conservatively to stabilize taxes, raise revenue to offset homeowner tax obligations, and to work with my fellow elected officials to not only survive this economic crisis but to lay the foundation for us to thrive in the future.  Elected officials are responsible for planning and implementing ideas, something Mr. Field unfortunately has yet to demonstrate any ability or experience.

My running mate Ed Guz and I respectfully ask for your support on election day so we can continue to work for a better Howell Township.

Deputy Mayor William Gotto

Candidate for Howell Township Mayor

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Advocate October 20, 2012 at 08:29 PM
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Harold Carry October 23, 2012 at 03:00 PM
It looks like Mr. Gotto no longer want's to be Mayor and has Left the Building
seventeen October 27, 2012 at 03:24 AM
lori taylor (howellnjonline) --- We the people, in Howell, believe that you (Gotto) are hiding behind this 'fictious username' on that site, to benefit your Campaign. Cut-it-out, aready.. it's 'nauseating'.
seventeen October 27, 2012 at 04:36 AM
'Endorsement from Malave' ??? - (Tri-Town News/10-25-2012). What a Joke! Can that be the same guy (Councilman) who tried to leave the state (get out of Jersey) a couple years ago, but couldn't sell his house, cause he 'pulled' too much ($$$) out of it.... and is 'under water'? Omg...what 'tangled webs' we weave!
Gregory Meehan November 05, 2012 at 04:52 AM
Year Mun Tax Rate Yr to Yr Diff % Increase %Cumulative Increase 2009 0.282 0.0160 6.02% 5.99% 2010 0.326 0.0440 15.60% 22.53% 2011 0.354 0.0280 8.59% 33.05% 2012* 0.453 0.0990 27.97% 40.98% Here's some facts for you. Your beating your chest about stabilizing the tax rate but here's a little chart that shows the exact opposite. We need real leadership to make tough choices to keep taxes in check. Borrowing and spending is not the answer. Thoses bills come due someday also, then what? *Revaluation had an impact on the rate and individual tax tax bills. But the first three years there was a 33% increase in municipal taxes. 2012 just brought me a little extra cheer.


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